Justus Page

Salt of the City

I grew up in the deceptively enclosed valley of Salt Lake in Utah. Deceptive, because it’s as much culturally and socially enclosed as it is physically. I stumbled into the halls of a film high school in 9th grade to escape the horrors of public school, and eventually discovered moviemaking! Years and years of generalized film knowledge culminated in a dogged commitment to pursue it forever. Naturally, I spent the 4 years after high school bouncing around different film and non-film jobs as an editor, camera assistant, and occasional DP on no-budget shorts. After those 4 years, I realized I wanted to specialize in something finally, so I went to college for exactly 1 semester. But that’s all it took for me to realize that Cinematography was my great love. So since 2017, I’ve been firmly committed to the craft of the moving image, and everything I do is meant to walk me closer to being marginally better and better at it. I’ve had a pretty adventurous career that’s taken me from the red cliffs of Moab to the charming avenues of Hamburg, and many places in between. But I realized in 2020 that I’d sort of hit a ceiling in my career locally, and decided that amidst the pandemic, my family and I would move to Georgia to give ourselves a new lease on life. This blog is to document my experience, my hardships, philosophical musings, and maybe a couple lessons I learn along the way. We’re meant to innately possess storytelling skills as cinematographers. Let’s see if that translates into blogging skills, shall we?

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