A Deep Gaze Within

If you’re reckless enough, you’ll get what you asked for. I’ve deceived you all. First off I want to preface that I’m going to talk about the beauty of this journey and all the spectrum of emotions I’ve gotten to feel along the ride too. It’s not gloom and doom. Not at all. Just aContinue reading “A Deep Gaze Within”


2020’s been unjustly kind to me. The success continues to compound, and I look forward with great anticipation to 2021 and beyond. But I struggle with relishing in the triumph of it all. I’ve known nearly a dozen people who have perished from Coronavirus. Across the entire country, we’re approaching 350,000 deaths. I don’t know,Continue reading “Zweitausendundzwanzig”

Wisdom From The Trap House

Georgia’s one helluva place. It’s a strange thing; I think the sun shines differently here. It’s got this very romantic quality to it. It’s punchy, it’s golden, it has a character all its own. I ride through the woods on the golf cart and find myself constantly in awe. Just the way it injects itselfContinue reading “Wisdom From The Trap House”

The Inevitability of Choice and Consequence

It’s July 26th. In 29 days, I’ll be gone from the industry I grew up in. I’ll be gone from the valley I grew up in. But what do I have to show for all these years I’ve spent here? It’s a hard thing to quantify, isn’t it? Do we talk about it in termsContinue reading “The Inevitability of Choice and Consequence”

This Blog Exists (But Why?)

It’s a question as old as time itself; “should I start a blog?” I’d resisted giving into the temptation for years. Surely, I’m not a blogger! And I guess we’re gonna find out whether that’s true or not. So why did I start this blog? I’m going through a major life change right now. I’mContinue reading “This Blog Exists (But Why?)”